Andy’s Internship Report ドイツ人アンディのインターンシップ完了レポート

MIZU TRANS CORPORATION Internship Report Andreas Müller – February 6th – April 28th 2023

My internship at MIZU TRANS CORPORATION, which offers translation, interpretation, guiding & vehicle service for both, companies, and private individuals started on Monday, the 6th February 2023.

But in fact, I also was working for the K-iTG (Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters), an association of interpreters, translators, and guide-interpreters, that supports its members in various ways, for example by providing workshops and trainings. The CEO of MIZU TRANS CORPORATION happens to be the chairperson of the K-iTG. Both institutions share the same office.

To take part in the association’s internal and external communication, I joined the official Facebook group, where news get posted regularly. Also, I received a company E-Mail Adress to officially correspond with external and internal persons.

On my first day, I joined a weekly staff meeting, which should also happened again later multiple times. The first task I had to do, was supporting the staff with doing the annual stock inventory and entering the results in Microsoft Excel.

One of my regular tasks consisted of translating various documents and Excel sheets from Japanese into English or from English into Japanese, for which I used the translation program “deepl” to assist me. I also was involved in proofreading and correcting already translated documents.

Furthermore, I had the chance to take part in an online workshop, that was operated by K-iTG, as well as observe the use of the application “OBS Studio”, which managed and recorded all the participant’s incoming Zoom livestreams.

A great opportunity I had, was taking part in two monitor tours through the countryside of Kyushu as a test client. On these tours, I explored rural Japanese areas, the craftsmanships of the locals and beautiful scenery. At the end of each tour, I had to give feedback to the organizers, on how the tour and its itinerary might be suitable for foreign tourists.
Moreover, I joined two test tours through Fukuoka City alongside a group of Japanese guides. My task here was to evaluate the English language skills of the guides and give written feedback to them afterwards.

There were also smaller supporting activities to do, like buying batteries at a supermarket, preparing walkie-talkies for handing out to participants of a guided tour or transporting equipment to the storage room and back. I also helped with organizing the container storage and I cleaned the office, based on a regular schedule. Another task was digitalizing business cards with a tablet.

I was also given the opportunity to have a look in to the company’s accounting as well. In one case, I separated and chronologically arranged bills the company received in one quarter into to the right order by date and calculated the total. I also was responsible for analyzing and restructuring an orders-excel-sheet of an online tea shop, that belongs to MIZU TRANS CORPORATION. Furthermore, I had to compare the listed positions with the bank receipts, as well as confirm the with the logistic operator of the online shop.

Another task I had to do, was tracking the payment of the annual membership fee of K-iTG members, who were late with their payment. For this purpose, I called every single one to remind them to pay within foreseen period in both, Japanese, as well as English language.

合同会社 みずトランスコーポレーション インターンシップレポート アンドレアス・ムラー – 2023年2月6日 ~ 4月28日

2023年2月6日(月)より、企業、個人向けに翻訳・通訳・ガイド&車両手配業務等を提供する合同会社 みずトランスコーポレーションでのインターンシップが始まりました。

同社の水谷みずほ代表取締役は、通訳・翻訳・ガイド団体であるK-iTG(一般社団法人 九州通訳・翻訳者・ガイド協会)の会長職も務めており、九州・山口を中心とする通訳・翻訳者・通訳ガイドに対する勉強会や研修など様々な業務も行っているため、インターンシップ期間中は事務所を共有している同協会の業務にも関わることができました。




また、K-iTGが運営するオンラインワークショップに参加し、参加者のZoomライブストリームを管理・録画するアプリ「OBS Studio」からの配信を見学する機会もありました。