Dear Mizutani-san,

Our recent family gathering in March 2024, brought 37 people from many places in America and Canada to Fukuoka to visit our ancestral home. For three days, you translated and interpreted, and made our time so easy and comfortable. Our Fukuoka relative, a Shinto priest, was so impressed by your interpretation skills. He said he has never had anyone that could translate everything that he said. We appreciated how you were able to step in as needed to direct people or add an explanation. You were always smiling, cheerful, and professional

Thank you so much for making this trip one that we will all cherish forever.

From Ms. U in Honolulu, USA (March, 2024)

みずトランスコーポレーション 水谷様
2024年 某食品メーカー様

2023年12月 日本茶のトークセッション通訳の主催者様より

Helo Mizu-San,
thank you so much for all your effort!
You have a big spot in my heard. 
Your effort during the last days where outstanding. So you mad it perfect.
I'm looking forward to see you in the future.
Best regards and wishes.
Mr.D from Germany; Mizu was working for the technical conference meeting between Japanese and German manufacturer for 3 days in May 2023.

I would just like to thank you once again for helping to make M & S’s
wedding day go so smoothly. We  were all amazed at how you always 
appeared by magic just at the right moment and nobody suffered 
any awkward moments! You really helped make  the day very special. 
Our very best wishes 


TOMODACHI RISEプログラム表彰式の同時通訳を担当。

Thank you very much for taking part in as interpreters today. Your interpretation was so smooth and perfect, and we are so glad that we were able to work with you both in this occasion. Thank you for all the work you did to make today’s event possible and being flexible for all the last minute changes and updates. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver the messages to different language speakers and make the event inclusive. We hope we can have a chance to work again in the future. Thank you very much again. (Y-sama)

We truly appreciate you joining us today to help bridge the language gap to make the awards ceremony a wonderful event for everyone involved. 
Thank you for taking the time on your weekend and for even meeting up and setting up with the lovely banner in the background. I actually took a picture of the two of you at the end. 
Thank you again for your time and energy and heart to have given to this TOMODACHI community. (K-sama) 

今日は、素晴らしい通訳と貴重なお話をお聞かせ頂き、誠にありがとうございました。お話も分かりやすく、楽しく、我が子も周りの小さな子どもたちも皆、惹き付けられていました。 生まれて初めて、NASAの方と通訳者の方にお会いしました。宇宙が大好きな私にも、宇宙にはまだ興味のなかった娘にも、夢のような一時間になりました。


先ほど水谷先生のHPを拝見し、数々の経歴に目が真ん丸になりました。また通訳者や翻訳者、観光ガイドを守るための協会も設立して活動されておられて、なんて立派な方なのだろうと思いました。 本日、目の前で長年の夢を叶えておられるお方を見ることができて、すごく嬉しくて、宇宙への憧れも相まって、ものすごくパワーをいただきました。

Dear Mizu-san!It was great to meet you on the facilitation trip around Fukuoka last week as co-ordinated by Austrade.  I was very impressed with your tour guiding and professionalism, finding it refreshing to see a tour guide in Japan provide such a well curated tour for Western visitors in English.   





2018年2月 某食品メーカー 海外事業部担当者様よりお礼メール

Dear Mizuho-san,

Thank you again for all of the arrangements you made for our film crew in Fukuoka and for providing such high quality interpretation service. Thanks to you and your team, Mr. M and Ms. L returned home with an incredible amount of content and understanding of how Japan – and specifically Fukuoka – is responding to the needs of its aging population.






Quoted from “Thank you letter from the Guest joined Northern Kyushu Tour” in September 2017.

My friends & I had a wonderful holiday in Kyushu.

We could not have asked for a better tour guide. Mizutani Mizuho was very professional and spoke good English. She was polite and accommodating and made the whole trip a memorable one for all of us.

Thank You

We are eternally grateful to you and Hiro-san for the incredible hospitality and friendship you extended to us in Fukuoka. We will have lasting memories of the unique guided tour into the countryside you and Hiro-san provided us. We often talked about the wonderful visit to the Kaki farm where we got the opportunity to pick and eat the delicious ripe juicy Kaki as well as the crunchy Kaki. We thoroughly loved the experience of making 2 pieces of pottery guided by the hands of an amazing skilled potter and teacher. We look forward to receiving the pottery, which we know the potter will finish to make them look like professionally created pieces.
We all enjoyed the Fukuoka feast of the “chicken soup”, it was a delicious experience. We also enjoyed the famous Fukuoka ramen, Jan in particular was very pleased. Surprisingly we had the same ramen in Kyoto when a friend of Diane’s nephew, who was originally from Kyushu took us to his favorite ramen restaurant.
Your guided and personal tour of Fukuoka gave us a clear sense of Fukuoka – we could not have had such a special experience without you and Hiro-san.
In summary, our trip to Japan was incredible and very special – meeting so many  people who extended their friendship and gave us such wonderful experiences. You and Hiro-san are among the best of our memories of Japan. We enjoyed meeting you and developing a friendship that we hope will continue through out our life time.
We would love to have you come to Canada for a visit, so that we can return the hospitality and generosity you showed to us.
Our best regards to you and Hiro-san, along with our most sincere appreciation.
Mrs. C from Toronto, Canada
Nov. 2016






Mizu-san-Thank you so much for having us.

The trip was really a great experience and I was really touched by how nice and welcoming all the farmers, officials and villagers were.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I got to meet our host family…truly wonderful.

Comment from Mr. G from US for 3 months internship to Kyushu, joined our green tourism monitor tour.


2016年5月 副社長 花野による「通訳ガイドのための危機管理講座」を受けた方からの感想です。



講師 花野ヒロ _DSC7741_Hiro_san




Dear Mizu & Hilo,

We so much appreciate your presence on our meeting.

Your guidance and expert English language skills made our meeting outstandingly meaningful.

You have our sincere thanks.

Mr. K from Alaska, 2016 March





やっぱり、御社にお願いしてよかったです^^ 本当に、いつもありがとうございます。



With your kind invitation we enjoyed a side of Kyushu which we would not have seen on our own;

You also brought us into contact with a group of very pleasant and lovely people whom we hope to keep in touch with;

Last but not least, you “embraced” us with such warmth and hospitality that we have fond memories to take home with us.

Thank you very much Mizu-san and Hiro-san.

The best thing that happened to us in Fukuoka is you!

Guest of Fall Foliage Tour





2015年秋 ツアーの日本語ガイドさんより



Thank you so much for your good work! I was so impressed in your strong will and endeavor to pursuit a good job.

Our CEO and other members of the company are very satisfied with your work.

I will introduce your work to the Hotspring people and others.

The HP and the brochure will be very useful. I do hope we can meet before that again.



福岡県朝倉市 篠崎酒造様








1-week Kyushu Tour 九州一周旅行のお客様より

We are so happy to enjoy the whole week to travel with you.

This is the most wonderful trip in my life so far~, the food, the view, the service, the hotels, anything is wonderful

All of my group really appreciates your hospitality.

My 7-year old son likes japan very much, he talked about the all to his grandparents and friends all day~.

He likes you, he talks about you a lot, he studied lots of from japan, some important primary manners.

He will back fukuoka again in the future and visit you.


Hi Mizuho -san,

It’s a great relief to hear that K – san has finally received his money. It has been a long and complicated process to transfer the funds, but it is finally completed.

It is very nice that K -san and his wife will be taking a trip to Miyazaki in memory of aunt.

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance over the last few months, I don’t know what we would have done without your help.

Ms. C

Toronto CANADA


Mizu, we were very happy with your work. Thank you again for your time especially on such short notice.
<2014年11月アメリカ投資顧問会社様の商談通訳を担当(2日前にアサインが決定)Interpretation service at a business meeting with local company and US investment advisory firm. Being assigned 2 days before the meeting.>

I want to thank you again for the trip last week, enjoyed being in this village and its people and thank you for the professional setup of our trip!
<2014年12月九州の某ムラへのグリーンツーリズムへ通訳・車両手配として同行 We took two Europeans to a village of green tea producers in Kyushu in Dec. 2014>

I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and for your work during our tour in A town.
It was a great trip and I really enjoyed these days. Our stay was wonderful and the people so kind ! I hope that they will think about on how to improve the visibility of the region, and if there is a way we can help them.
Helping Japanese companies to reach out to the foreign markets with the right translated material (Brochures, Websites, Corporate branding, etc…) is I think, a very valuable service that we would be able to provide with your translations skills.
<2014年12月九州の某ムラへのグリーンツーリズムへ通訳・車両担当として同行 We took two Europeans to a village of green tea producers in Kyushu in Dec. 2014.>

<2013年11月 某商事会社と薬品会社の担当者様より>

<株式会社フラオリタヒチ 代表取締役様>


Many thanks. Got a confirmation email today that your statement was exactly right and we will receive Marine’s British passport within 10 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

<2015年6月 ヘボン式氏名表記の翻訳証明書をご依頼いただいたY様より>


Dear Mizu Mizu,
I have just sent you $○○ via Pay Pal. My family and I wish to thank you for your professional service, and I will always remember how a 30 minute meeting with you in a Hotel Lobby in Fukuoka finally brought about an end in our Family search. Good luck to you and again thank you.