English ⇔ Japanese
Translation, Interpretation, Guiding & Vehicle Service
By Certified Specialists


Honored to act as an interpreter during the interview
of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Malaysia,
Osaka, Feb. 2014

<Translation Service by Certified Translators> Our Special Fields are:

english3Technical documents (Manufacturing, Machinery, Semiconductor, Ceramic industry,Food Hygiene etc.), Livestock, Corporate Websites, Official Documents, Contract Letters, Presentation Script and Power Point, Tourism, Japanese Restaurant Menu, Lecture Script, Insurance Policy and Deceased Estates, Labor Management and so forth

Contents Japanese→English English→Japanese
Letter & E-mail ¥ 16/letter~ ¥ 14/word~
Technical & Mechanical doc. Presentation sheet, Official document,
Brochure (tourism) and corporate website
¥ 18/letter~ ¥ 16/word~
Technical manual, Marketing leaflet, Drawing & Specification, Patent
¥ 20/letter~ ¥ 18 /word~
Medical doc, Academic paper, Legal doc & Contract ¥ 25/letter~ ¥ 22/word~

As of April, 2017. Tax not incl.

  • If the document is written by a non-native English speaker, we will inform the customer whether or not we will handle it prior to the quotation.
  • If the volume of translation is very large and the quotation exceeds 100,000 JPY (US$909), we will request a 20% deposit. *Exchange rate as of April, 2017

<Interpretation Service> We are specialized in :

english4Technical Meeting, Technical Presentation, Technical Seminar, Business Meeting, Party and Reception, Trouble Handling, Food Hygiene, Hospital Appointments, Factory Tour, Inspection, Audit (FDA, VDA etc), Interview, Press Conference, Courtesy Visit, VIP Attendance, Hula & Dance Workshop, Speech and MC.

Basic Fee and Style (English⇔Japanese)
Our interpreters have 10-15 years of experience of consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.

The table below is the price list of seminar & presentation, technical meeting, audit, inspection etc. (in-house standard)


of interpreter

half day
(within 4 hours)
Full day
(within 8 hours)
S ¥60,000 ¥100,000 ¥18,750
A ¥48,000 ¥80,000 ¥15,000
B ¥42,000 ¥70,000 ¥13,125
C ¥36,000 ¥60,000 ¥11,250
D ¥30,000 ¥50,000 ¥9,375
E ¥24,000 ¥40,000 ¥7,500

As of April, 2017. Tax not incl.

  • Transportation cost and meals shall be covered by the customer.
  • 25% overtime allowance shall be added after 8 hours or 22:00.
  • We can arrange Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish interpreters and translators.
  • We accept Japanese Yen, US$, Euro paid in cash or,credit card and via Paypal.

<English-speaking Guide, Tour Planning & Vehicle Subcontractor>

english5We are happy to arrange full custom-made tours for groups of individual guests who are staying or visiting Fukuoka for business, conference, and vacation. Government-licensed English-speaking guide and certified vehicle dispatcher will take care of your travel planning and offer related services.

<Chartered Van and Coach>

** Please contact us using our contact form. We will make a projection immediately.

<Recommended Activities> Why not visit rural areas and interact with the locals?

We have special networks in various villages in Kyushu. In addition to visiting typical sightseeing spots, such as shrines, temples and shopping areas, we also provide a wide variety of activities such as pottery making, strawberry and fruit picking, and Sake brewery tours, through close communication with the locals.

The following companies and areas are our special customers, so we are all closely working together to welcome international guests.

We provide English/Japanese/Chinese-speaking guide service including vehicle transportation to these areas.

Ebisu Shochu Distillery in Haki   http://www.ranbiki.net/

Hogashi Sonogi Green Tea Tourism http://greentea-homestay.com/

Takaki Chaen in Yame


<Flow of Orders>

  1. The client e-mails or calls Mizu Trans Corporation.
  2. Mizu Trans Corporation confirms the details, prepares a quotation, and assigns a translator/Interpreter/guide.
  3. After both parties agree with the written terms and conditions, style, method, itinerary etc, service will begin. This process will be omitted only in emergency cases.
  4. In some cases, the client will be asked to pay a deposit prior to the beginning of the work.
    Cancellation fee for tour and vehicle: 3 days before: 30%, 1 day before: 50%, on the same day: 100%
  5. When the job is completed, we will welcome your feedback.
  6. An invoice will be issued and sent.
  7. Payment must be remitted by the end of the month, or on site in cash, or via bank transfer, or credit card or Paypal.
  8. The delivered translation shall be corrected maximum three times within 30 days after delivery.

We commit ourselves to the protection of personal information as we recognize that protecting it is crucial and that it is our social and legal responsibility to properly use and protect such information.


Mizuho MIZUTANI, CEO & Chief Translator & Technical Interpreter


  • Certified Guide Interpreter by the Ministry of Transport (2001)
  • Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor (2012)
  • Itinerary Control Manager (Domestic and overseas travel)
  • Teaching Certificate at Japanese Jr. and Senior High school (Social studies)
  • Fukuoka Interpreter’s Association
  • Kyushu Licensed Guide Association
  • JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Coordinator

Hilo HANANO, Vice President


Former National Public Officer in his 20’s

Dispatched to the U.S for 1 year (NJ)

CEO of Telecommunication Company in his mid 30’s-40’s

Management of Taxi Company, Served as Ad Agent and Director of Sales

Vice President of Mizu Trans since 2015



Office: 4-4-22-2F Shiobaru, Minami-ku,
Fukuoka City, 815-0032
TEL:+81-(0)92-408-9277  FAX:+81-(0)92-408-9559

E-mail: Please use our Contact Form on this website.