Our 19-year old Intern from Germany! ドイツから19歳のインターン生を受け入れています。





<Self Introduction>

Hello, my name is Raphael Ehlert and I’m the intern at Mizu Trans Corporation.

I’m 19 years old and from Falkensee, a small German city which is very close to Berlin. Back in Germany I practiced fencing.


I think this short introduction should be enough about myself so the important question for many people now probably is, Why did you come to Japan? and Why did you choose this specific company for your internship?


First things first, it’s a probably very common answer and also one that many young people who want to go or already went to Japan going to give.

I love Anime and Manga and the whole culture around it. Also I love Japanese food and the history of the country of the rising sun.









<Why I chose Mizu Trans Corporation>

I chose Mizu Trans Corporation for my internship because of the diversity in tasks that this company has to offer.

Right now my main task is the design of the German and English version of a company pamphlet.


But this internship isn’t just work on a computer and sitting in front of a screen every day, quite often we go to appointments outside the office, throughout whole Kyushu. Let alone last week where we were on a different business appointment every day, so I came to see many different sights and also ones that normal tourists probably don’t come to visit.

For me as an intern this is a great experience because I get to see quite a lot of the island while also fulfilling my tasks of an intern and improving my Japanese, which is by the way another reason why I’m doing my internship at Mizu Trans. Most company’s in Japan are Japanese only speaking but at Mizu Trans they are also able to speak English so in worst case I can still use English instead of my Japanese.


In the end I would say, everyone who wants to do an internship at Mizu Trans Corporation shouldn’t hesitate and just do it. They are very nice people and it’s an great experience to work with/for them. Also just the diversity in tasks and possibility to see these much things in an internship is plain said, just fantastic.


Photo taken by Rafael