Internship Report by Rhys from Australia








I underwent an internship at Mizu Trans corporation from the 04/09/2017 to 15/10/2017. Mizu Trans was established in 2015 specialising in translation and interpretation, while also expanding into the promotion of the Fukuoka prefecture and tourism. Mizu trans co does translation for a wide arrange of clients from business to public institutions. As of late, Mizu trans is closely working government and other officials in the promotion of the Fukuoka prefecture to increase tourism of internationals.

I worked every week, Monday to Friday from 10am – 5pm, some days’ time varied depending on the task. My main tasks involved translating and editing product information or tourism promotions, that were to be used for client’s websites or other promotional uses. While correcting, I would edit the English to try sell or display clients products in a more efficient way. Tourism was the next major focus, with the promotion of the Fukuoka prefecture. There were several business meetings that I would attend, where I would mainly gather ideas and learn from their strategies to promote tourism. Whenever I gave my opinion and ideas they were always respected and valued. In addition, I went on many planned trips organised by the company, in which I acted as a tourist to give feedback and criticism; to help them improve. We also went on trips to new locations, seeking out new places and hot spots to create more tours for.

Overall, I learned a lot from my peers regarding the promotion and marketing of tourism to internationals from the several meetings I attended. With having a major in marketing, I really valued this side of the work. In addition to the English translation of product information, promoting it as best as I could.


While undergoing this internship my main goals were to diversify my own way of thinking and learn from another culture that is much different to my own. After studying Japanese business culture in Japan, I wanted to improve on what I had learned and first-hand experience it all, while at the same time improving my Japanese and understanding of their culture.

Through this internship I have grasped a new understanding of Japanese business culture and have seen different ideas and practices to what I had previously known. All the different aspects of Japanese business culture that varies from my own such as the way meetings are held, relationships between different companies and the trading of business cards; I will hold with good value and respect. The experiences I have had while working here, will diversify my own way of thinking and helped me develop a new level of respect for the workplace, co-workers and partners.

From my first day, till my last there was always a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the workplace. My opinions and ideas were always wanted and valued, and my feedback respected. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mizu Trans, and my experiences that I learned along the way will help me throughout my work-path in the future.