Internship report by Niklas!Going to a baseball game.

Baseball Game Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs Rakuten Eagles.

The starting point of my baseball visit was Tenjin Station, one of the central train hubs in Fukuoka. From there, I took the subway 2 stops to Tojinmachi Station, where I continued on walking to the Fukuoka PayPay Dome stadium for the baseball game between the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks and the Rakuten Eagles.

The route from Tojinmachi Station to the stadium was very easy to find, as you simply had to follow the same road straight ahead. Also, before a baseball game, a large crowd of spectators move from Tojinmachi Station towards the stadium. Therefore, in case of orientation problems, one can simply follow the crowd and is guaranteed to find the stadium, which is visible from afar due to its size.

The entrances to the stadium are all numbered and designated, you just have to find the entrance number on your ticket and walk to the respective entrance. The Stadium entrance zone is fully climatized and if the stadium roof is closed even the whole stadium is climatize, which is very nice if the outside weather is hot and humid during the summer. In the stadium itself you can buy food, snacks, drinks and merchandise before and during the game. In addition, there are staff that walk the rows of seats every 2-5min and sell drinks (soft drinks, beer) and snacks (ice cream, popcorn) directly at the seats.

You can find your seat number on your ticket, otherwise the staff outside can point you in the right direction. On the seating areas, there are additional staff who can show you the right direction and your row of seats. After getting to my seat and buying some drinks and popcorn I could start enjoying my first baseball game. The Baseball game itself was very fun for a first-time viewer, it is truly a great moment when the home team hit a home run and the entire stadium celebrates. Even outside the important points of the game, the mood in the stadium was both elated and excited, which made watching a great experience.