Testimonial about 1-week Kyushu Tour 九州一周旅行のお客様より




お礼のメッセージが届きました. 彼とはもう3年前からの友人ということもあり、家族ぐるみのお付き合いです.

息子さんに日本人の規律、礼儀正しさ、マナーを教えたいというお父さんのご希望が叶えられたなら、当社としてはとても嬉しいですね. これからも満足度の高いツアーをコーディネートしていきます.



We are so happy to enjoy the whole week to travel with you.

This is the most wonderful trip in my life so far~, the food, the view, the service, the hotels, anything is wonderful

All of my group really appreciates your hospitality.

My 7-year old son likes japan very much, he talked about the all to his grandparents and friends all day~.

He likes you, he talks about you a lot, he studied lots of from japan, some important primary manners.

He will back fukuoka again in the future and visit you.